E-LuminateTM: Perfect for stable roofing

Eternit profiled sheeting

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E-Luminate profiled sheet benefits


Independently tested

A recent case study proved light increased substantially, increasing natural light in the building by almost double.


Reduce costs

Increases natural light, resulting in lower energy bills. Being a low maintenance product, E-Luminate also reduces upkeep costs.


Minimal condensation

E-Luminate semi-compressed fibre cement is porous, allowing it to absorb up to 25 percent of its dry weight in moisture.


Improves animal welfare

Better lighting conditions and minimal condensation help to reduce animal stress and increase their wellbeing.


Long life

Rust, rot and corrosion resistant, semi-compressed fibre cement has a life expectancy of at least 50 years.


Reduced noise

Fibre cement is a much denser material than metal, helping to absorb rain and hail noise.

Where can E-Luminate roof sheet be used?

Using Eternit's E-Luminate profiled sheeting for stable roofing can improve animal living conditions
  • Equestrian 100% 100%
  • Dairy 65% 65%
  • Farming 55% 55%
  • Small garages 25% 25%
  • Industrial 20% 20%

The following sheet sizes are available:
P6: 1220mm, 1375mm, 1525mm, 1675mm, 1825mm
P3: 1525mm, 2450mm, 3050mm

E-Luminate Slate Blue

Slate Blue

E-Luminate Laurel Green

Laurel Green

E-Luminate Black



“Bumble is a happier pony... In his new environment he appears more relaxed than before. It gives me the feel good factor to know I have improved his welfare”.

Rebecca, private stable owner

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E-Luminate – the brightest idea in profiled sheeting

At Eternit, we have been investigating ways that we can help improve the living conditions for animals whilst retaining the performance of the building and not adding additional overheads like electricity and maintenance. Using E-Luminate profiled sheeting for your stable roofing increases natural light, thereby reducing energy costs and making a brighter future for brighter working environments.

E-Luminate Speedometer

E-Luminate – made here in the UK

E-Luminate painted sheets and all other Profile 3 and Profile 6 semi-compressed fibre cement sheets and fittings are made here in the UK and are available nationwide.

Eternit has been backing British farming for more than 100 years with the only fibre cement profiled sheeting made in Britain.

Profiled sheeting UK manufacturing location

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